Stay connected with your family

It is relatively easy to keep in touch with family and friends at home while you live and study in Malaysia. Modern communication technologies, such as mobile phone networks and broadband internet are available throughout Malaysia through a variety of service providers.

Universities, schools and public libraries often have computers available for e-mail. Alternatively, there are Internet Cafes that charge reasonable rates for 15 minutes of usage.

Most public phones take coins or stored value cards that you can buy in convenience stores. The country code for Malaysia is +60. Text messaging and mobile phone calls are very popular with students. You can use global roaming on a mobile phone from your country, buy a prepaid mobile phone card, or set up an account with a local mobile service provider once you are in Malaysia.

Prepaid phone cards / VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) are available at various shops and cafes. They are economical and popular because you can call anywhere in Malaysia or the world, from any phone. When you’ve used up the minutes you paid for, you can just buy another card.

All social media portals and communities are accessible in Malaysia. You can easily stay connected with your family through Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook among other popular messaging services.

Pos Malaysia, the local postal service, delivers mail and parcels to your doorstep. Postal shops that offer international courier and fax services are also available for your mailing requirements.