Study two years Diploma In Malaysia with International Recognition (UK Award)

 Study Two years Diploma In Malaysia with  International  Recognition (UK Award)

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Dual Certificate:   Malaysia   (Department of Skills Development (DSD), Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia) and UK (Pearson Education, UK.)

  • As a 5-star rated skills training centre In Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
    On-Job Training (3 – 6 months)
  • Diploma is accredited by the Department of Skills Development (DSD), Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia
  • Student Visa approval will take around 4 weeks. Once the visa is approved you can then fly to Malaysia.Hostel for stay is provided for a minimal fee of RM300 per month (sharing basis).
  • Course Duration: 24 Months (including On the Job Training and Final Project)
    Total Tuition fee RM15000 (3500USD Only)+RM2000 Visa Fee

                                      Diploma in Mechatronics Technology
Diploma in Creative Multimedia
Diploma in Culinary Arts
Diploma in Computer Systems


Diploma Mechatronics Technology (UK Diploma)

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Industrial automation is a discipline that comprises of knowledge, skills and attitude from various engineering fields, which include mechatronics, electronic, electrical, mechanical, chemical, metallurgy, computer, software and communication engineering.
Core Subjects
Unit 16: 
Engineering Drawing for Technicians
Unit 17: Computer Aided Drafting in Engineering
Unit 19: Mechanical Measurement and Inspection Techniques
Unit 6: Electrical and Electronic Principles
Unit 15: Electro, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems and Devices
Unit 8: Engineering Design
Unit 22: Fabrication Processes and Technology
Unit 25: Selecting and Using Programmable Controllers
Unit 3: Engineering Project
Unit 2: Communications for Engineering Technicians
Unit 4: Mathematics for Engineering Technicians

Potential Job Titles
Manufacturing Technician, Maintenance Technician, Senior Technician. Project Coordinator, Industrial Programmer, Sales Engineer, Service Engineer, Production Engineer and Site Engineer

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International skills diploma in culinary  Arts ( UK diploma )

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This program is focusing on Food Preparation and Production area. The experts in this field can also pursue careers in other industries in Malaysia or internationally that have any food preparation and production establishment. They also can be exported to the international market due to the increasing need of experts in this field. The demand for qualified and experienced Food Preparation and Production operation personnel is important as of now and may increase in the near future. Hence, the development of this program, is essential for the industry to have certain guidelines and standards based on the level of competencies that have been set by the industrial experts in this field.
Hygiene, Kitchen Safety and Food Handling

  • Cooking Technique
  • Stock, Soups and Hot Sauce Production
  • Main Course Production
  • Rice and Farinaceous Production
  • Appetizer Production
  • Breakfast Production
  • Dessert Production
  • Catering Set-Up Activities
  • Basic Kitchen Equipment Maintenance
  • Basic Stewarding
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     International skills diploma in creative multimedia (UK Diploma)

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    Creative Industry refers to a segment of the economy that is involved either directly or indirectly in the creation, manufacture, production, broadcast and distribution of copyright protected materials. Creative industry is an emerging field of study, which has an important sphere of practice representing an important sector of the new economy.
    To raise awareness on the important role played by the creative industries, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in 2003, conducted a series of surveys focused on defining and mapping out the creative industries, and their economic contribution in over 30 countries worldwide. Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind like inventions, literary and artistic works; and symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce
    Job Competencies
    Competent in performing:

    • Multimedia Production Management
    • Multimedia Instructional Design
    • Multimedia Art Directing
    • Multimedia Audio Visual (AV) Directing
    • Multimedia Quality Control
    • Multimedia Research and Innovation
    • Multimedia Marketing

    Employment Prospect

    The Creative Multimedia Diploma program has a high employment prospect whether locally or internationally. This is because the local expertise workforce is recognized by other countries as being highly knowledgeable and skilled in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. This in turn increases the demand for skilled personnel in this field to be employed locally or internationally.
    In the Tenth Malaysian Plan, the existence of Digital Creative in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry will increase employment prospect and also an involvement in the Malaysian services industry will be an important enabler for Malaysia to position itself at the international level. Employment growth in the Digital Creative industry is significant and is in current demand. The Digital Creative industry, specifically the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is growing rapidly in Malaysia and there is an acute shortage of well-trained personnel in this area.
    Other related industries with respect to employment opportunities are:

    • Education
    • Training
    • Advertising
    • Film Industry
    • Broadcasting
    • Publishing Click to register for this program now!register - asian study centre

    International skills diploma in computer systems (UK Diploma)

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    The program is designed based on the ever-changing world fulled largely by the continuing advancement in computer technology which requires organizations to be well-equipped to remain current and relevant. Businesses from multi-national corporations to home-based enterprises have to adopt current technologies to be competitive. Government agencies and institutions too, need to stay “at the top of the game” in order to provide fast, reliable and accurate services to the people.
    Job Competencies
    IT Executive is competent in performing the following core competencies:
    • Computer hardware and software maintenance
    • Server Configuration
    • Computer Network Installation Management
    • Computer System Security Control
    • Computer System Maintenance Management
    • Computer System and Network Procurement

    Employment Prospect

    IT Executives are employed by a range of organizations including government departments and agencies, institutions of higher learning, private corporations, banks, private companies that provide computer, database and network services to clients, telecommunication companies and many other private organizations. A growing number of computer system administration diploma holders are self-employed, working independently as contractors or consultants. Moreover Career advancement for computer system administration l personnel locally and internationally is enormous. Among them are:

    • IT Manager
    • Computer specialist
    • Computer Technologies
    • IT Sales Professional
    • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)                                                             Click to register for this program now!register - asian study centre