Living cost

Living cost in Malaysia

A major advantage for international students when choosing to study in Malaysia is the relatively cheap cost of living. The total expenditure for accommodation, either on-campus or off-campus is very affordable. While your actual cost of living will depend on the location of your accommodation and your personal lifestyle, students will be pleased to know that KL (Kuala Lumpur)has been ranked one of the least expensive cities in the world to live in.

The average international student should be prepared to spend about RM1,000 (USD313) to RM1,500 (USD469) per month for living expenses in the vicinity of a city. The cost is broken down as below :

  • Accommodation
                        An estimation of about RM450-1200 for your accommodation per month is required. The rental will vary depending on the geographical area, the type of accommodation (on-campus living in a hall of residence; or off-campus living in an apartment, condominium, singlestory house, double-storey house, etc.), the facilities provided in the house (e.g. with or without air-conditioning) and of course, the number of people sharing the room (or the apartment/house).
  • Food / Housekeeping
                          The food and housekeeping expense is estimated to be around RM400 to RM700. This is based on about RM12 to RM20 for three meals per day. Naturally, if you cook and share the cooking expenses with your friends, it would be cheaper.
  • Clothing
                           The clothing expenses like washing, ironing, dry-cleaning, etc. may cost around RM60   per month.
  • Public Transport
                        Students who stay on campus or near campus may not incur any cost of travelling to and from classes. However, other travelling may cost approximately RM30 to RM50  per month.


  • Telecommunication / Mobile Phone Bills and Utilities
                         The mobile phone packages in Malaysia are very competitive. How much you spend will depend on your usage and the promotional package you choose. The average student may spend about RM30 to RM80   per month.
  • Books, Reading Materials and Stationery
                   An estimate   cost  around RM50 to RM100)per month is required, but it would largely depend on the course you have signed up for and and the number and nature of projects in your course.


  • Medical / Hospitalisation Insurance
                  Although you may not need to pay for medical expenses every month, if you keep aside RM50 per month, it would be sufficient for you in case you need outpatient treatment at a private clinic during the year. This estimate includes the amount you will have to pay for your medical and hospitalisation insurance (from your institutions).
  • Personal Expenses
                     How much your personal expenses would be per month would depend on your personal lifestyle. However, the cost can be estimated to be between RM100 and  RM200 . This includes your socialising needs, toiletries, haircut, clothes, movie, etc.

Using the above estimation, the total cost of living will range from between RM1,000  and RM1,500  per month or about RM12,000 to RM18,000  per year (12 months) for one student.

It is important to remember that the above estimate is only a guide in planning your budget to study in Malaysia. Individual expenses will vary according to the location you are at, course taken and your personal lifestyle.

Study cost in Malaysia

The world class education system and strong international reputation, Malaysia is an increasingly popular study destination for the international students interested in education abroad. The country has about 70,000international students from  more than 100 countries .Due to certain unique reasons like

  • Quality education
  • Low tuition fees
  • Earn while you learn
  • Instructions in English
  • Low living cost
  • Transparent immigration process
  • Culturally, economically, geographically stable and safe
  • Student life is filled in with enjoymentThus the destination empowers the attraction of foreign nationalities to  be a student.

We can see the list of following classification of courses pertinent to their estimated study cost.



Estimated Tuition Fees  for 3+0 Degree Programmes at Private Colleges /Private Universities
Area of Study Estimated Tuition Fee Duration of Study
Business RM42,000 -RM76,000 36 months
Engineering RM45,000 -RM66,000 36 months -48 months
IT RM45,000 -RM66,000 36 months
Hospitality & Tourism RM73000-75000 36 months
Medicine RM300,000 5 years
Pharmacy RM100,000 4 years

( Note :The  figures represent the approximate amount only)


Estimated Tuition Fees for Bachelor’s Degree at Foreign University Branch Campuses located in Malaysia
Area of Study Estimated Tuition Fee Duration of Study
Business RM50,000 -RM85,000 36 months
Engineering RM69,000 -RM115,000 36 months-48 months
IT RM60,000 -RM90,000 36 months
Medicine RM450,000 5 years
Hospitality & Tourism RM183,000 4 years 

( Note :The  figures represent the approximate amount only)


Estimated Tuition Fees per Course for Bachelor’s Degree at Malaysian Private Universities
Areas of Study Estimated Tuition Fee Duration of Study
Business RM33,000 -RM45,000 36 months
Engineering RM50,000 -RM60,000 48 months
IT RM35,000 -RM50,000 36 months
Hospitality & Tourism RM35,000-RM60,000 36 months
Pharmacy RM100,000 -RM140,000 48 months

( Note :The  figures represent the approximate amount only)


Postgraduate Studies

The public universities and private higher educational institutions in Malaysia offer international students postgraduate programmes. The estimated tuition fees are

 Course Fee for Master of Business Administration (MBA) Awarded by Malaysian Universities
University Qualification Course Fee (RM Duration
Private  Master of Business Administration RM21,000 – RM30,000 1 to 2 yearsfulltime
Public  Master of Business Administration RM13,000 – RM25,000 1 to 2 yearsfulltime

( Note :The  figures represent the approximate amount only)



The  tuition Fees  for Non-medical PostgraduateProgrammes&research) at Public Universities
Master’s degree RM1,800 -RM6,000 per year
PhD RM2,700 -RM8,000  per year


Although the Malaysian government allows international students to work while studying in Malaysia, international students are advised not to depend solely on this to support their education and living expenses in Malaysia. The small income derived from the part time work is merely to supplement their pocket money

                   Through the estimated education cost in Malaysia, international students will find the cheaper fees and lower cost of living in Malaysia more beneficial to them as compared to studying in other countries.

In addition, there is a wide choice of study options, such as pre-university programmes, twinning degree courses, 3+0 degree programmes, foreign university degree programmes as well as postgraduate studies offered in this country which are taught in English.

Students also get to experience an exciting multi-cultural environment.


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