Why Choose Asian Study Centre?

Asian Study Centre (ASC) is a leading educational consultancy company in Asia representing more than 1000 Universities and Colleges in Asia. We have official branches in five countries: India, Malaysia, Rwanda, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. We also have official representatives in more than 10 countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and South Africa etc.

Asian Study Centre
Malaysian Office (Subang Jaya)
Asian Study Centre
Indian Office (Manjeri, Kerala)

10 Reasons to choose Asian Study Centre:Asian Study Centre

  1. We have partnership with more than 1000 universities in Asia which includes top universities of Malaysia.
  2. We are the largest student recruitment company recruiting students from India to study in Malaysia in 2016. Also, we are one of the top student recruitment company recruiting students to Malaysia from all over the world. We recruited students from more than 15 countries. [View Testimonials]
  3. We are the only educational consultant company in India (Kerala) to have an overseas branch in Malaysia to help Indian students during their stay in Malaysia; ensuring a worry free life during their studies abroad.
  4. We provide accommodation facilities to students who come to study in Malaysia which also includes free temporary accommodation.
  5. ASC Internship Department assists students during or after their studies for finding internships in one of our partner companies.
  6. Our highly experienced VISA processing department ensures 100% Visa acceptance rate.
  7. We constantly keep ourselves updated with latest scholarship offers to help deserving students to find scholarships for studying abroad.
  8. Our highly experienced team of counsellors help students to find suitable programmes according to the need of the students and help them with constant follow-ups.
  9. NO REGISTRATION fee for ASC recruited students.
  10. ASC Community which includes all ASC recruited students plays an important roles in providing a platform for the students to help each other.



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