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FTMS Global CollegeFTMS Global College, built up in 1986, is today in Asia and Africa. Its vigorous and element structure has created and extend its vital divisions of Education and Training, eLearning, Management and Human Resource Consulting, Publishing, Corporate Outsourcing, e-Business and IT administrations.

With more than 25 years of fabulousness in giving the best in instruction and preparing around the world, FTMS makes the learning space that improves the students’ learning knowledge as well as draws out the absolute best in them. Through the Career Advisory Services, Student Counselors guide students about the programmes and profession prospects. At FTMS, our learning surroundings gives:

  • Excellent academic support
  • Excellent classroom facilities
  • Excellent IT infrastructure
  • Excellent student recreation facilities
  • Excellent personal and professional development

FTMS’s attention on creating world-class standard instruction will guarantee that its association will dependably be a pioneer.

World-class Facilities

FTMS worldwide campus, situated in dynamic downtown areas, operate modern facilities to improve students’ learning. Advanced telecom offices, including IT system, videoconferencing and Internet links, guarantee that wherever and at whatever point an understudy studies, the aggregate backing of FTMS is accessible.

Result-oriented programmes

FTMS’s emphasis on expert and entrepreneurial improvement guarantees that its students pass their examinations and construct solid establishments to succeed in their vocations. This methodology has brought about creating students with qualifications at all levels.

FTMS has a solid participative society amongst its scholastics, staff and students. FTMS’s examination units guarantee that a strong base of scholarly information pertinent to the always showing signs of change world supports its programmes.

Courses offered:

FTMS Global offers Professional Accounting and Finance courses and also a variety of scholarly programmes in Business, Information Technology, Accounting and Finance and Hospitality programs. Students are offered different passage courses, incorporating through enrolment in English Language courses. Different recognition, higher confirmations, degrees and postgraduate MBA is there with FTMS Global Academy.


FTMS Global gives an aggregate learning environment through scholastic and bolster perfection offering an extensive variety of branches of knowledge to neighborhood and universal understudies.

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