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Learning at INTI International University and Colleges brings advantages that come specifically from the quality of the Laureate International Universities system. The Laureate Network is the biggest and quickest developing worldwide system of private colleges that furnishes INTI with access to worldwide assets, coaching approaches, global staff and administration tools that are really world class. A key differentiator at INTI is that the students are a part of the world’s biggest overseer of private colleges, Laureate International Universities. Giving another measurement to INTI’s projects, the prestigious system of Laureate International Universities opens new opportunities for students through its attention on career centered projects and internationalism, which is a consistent theme over the nations it works in.


International exposure

INTI teams up with acclaimed colleges from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand to offer a balanced, worldwide industry-driven educational programs. INTI’s enrollment in the Laureate system gives their students the chance to think about close by their associates from different nations and appreciate visitor addresses from any of Laureate’s foundations.

Students  can likewise exploit our Semester Abroad Program (SAP) to concentrate abroad for a full semester at chose Laureate establishments, all while paying INTI educational cost fees.* Study visits are additionally organized to permit our understudies to meet their partners and experience an existence outside the nation. Inside INTI’s grounds, understudies may appreciate multifaceted discourses with their companions from other Laureate organizations and addresses from grant winning and experienced worldwide speakers.

Innovative learning

INTI’s close industry ties benefit their graduates with a practical programme that’s in touch with industry developments with the added advantage of projects, business leadership conferences, and actual real-life skill through internships and more. As well, they also use interactive and collective platforms such as Blackboard and multimedia initiatives such as the World of Business Ideas. Student can enjoy the following once they register at Inti-


Individual Development

At INTI they trust that each individual is exceptional and has particular needs so as to exceed expectations. They give their students chances to gather bits of knowledge from prominent names and experts through 3 unmistakable projects that have been intended to give their graduates an additional favorable position. INTI students additionally profit by individual ability improvement to accomplish academic and career objectives. Furthermore, they will have admittance to self-revelation instruments and confidence building preparing to help them make progress speedier.


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