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Postgraduate study is considerably important when you aim to reposition your career or to begin scientific research. Malaysia is a land of opportunities where MBA studies are concerned. Studying abroad can be a great experience and Malaysia is fast becoming an ideal choice of international students for MBA studies. Among the attractions are:

  • Reasonable cost of education
  • Easy immigration processes
  • Value-assured education

A popular course, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Malaysia is offered by Malaysian universities, foreign university satellite campuses (such as the University of Nottingham), and other reputable foreign universities affiliated with Malaysian institutions.

MBA courses conducted in English are available in many fields of study at the following institutions:

  • Local universities which offer research-based qualifications
  • Private institutions which offer foreign MBA educations in association with overseas affiliated universities from USA, UK and Australia
  • Private universities which offer home-grown MBA courses
  • Foreign university branch campuses which offer internationally-rated qualification.

The benefit of studying a MBA courses in Malaysia is the cost-effective education. The tuition costs for postgraduate options offered by universities throughout Malaysia are among the lowest in contrast to the tuition fees charged by institution of higher education in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and other colleges in this region.

Additional benefits of pursuing MBA studies in Malaysia is that students can bring along their family. The immigration process in Malaysia allow a student’s immediate family (includes parents, spouse and children) to stay with the student as long as the student is studying in Malaysia.

Fix your sights on renowned MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Degree that will positively open doors for your career progression. The MBA will enhance your leadership and management skills in a compound global business atmosphere making you more marketable, valuable and prepared for today’s cutting edge business world. The post-graduate degree accommodates to both working adults and fresh graduates.

There are flexible full-time and part-time options available.

The tuition fee is affordable and a comparison of fee charged by various universities is tabled below:

University Course Tuition fees Duration
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus MBA (General) RM46,000/Course (USD13,140) 1 year full-time
2 to 4 years part-time
Sunway University College Master of Business Administration – awarded by Manchester University UK

Master of Business Administration – awarded by Victoria University, Australia

RM85,000/Course (USD24,290)



35,000/Course (USD10,000)

2.5 to 3 years (part-time)



1.5 years (fulltime)

INTI International University College Master of Business Administration – dual certification award together with University of Herfordshire, UK 30,000/Course (USD8,570) 1 year (fulltime)
2 years (parttime)
SEGi University College Master of Business Administration in collaboration with University Of Southern Queensland, Australia RM35,000/Course (USD10,930) 16 months (fulltime)
2 years(parttime)
Westminster International College Master of Business Administration (MBA)


RM21,950 (Local Campus Fee)


12 Months (fulltime)



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