Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Petroleum Engineering

Award: UCSI University
Duration: 4 Years
fees: RM 82,890
intake: January, May and September

WHY UCSI University?

Why Studying Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Petroleum Engineering at UCSI?

  • The Petroleum Engineering degree programme at UCSI University is designed to equip students with a solid foundation and knowledge of oil and gas exploration, production and development
  • The programme encompasses a well-balanced curriculum that focuses on both upstream and downstream industries. It covers a wide range of courses that include but are not limited to mathematics, basic sciences, computing, introductory engineering, geology and petro-physics, drilling engineering, reservoir engineering, production engineering, economic and project management, as well as humanities and social sciences.
  • In this programme, students are also required to undergo industrial training under UCSI University’s Co-operative Placement (Co-op) Programme at the end of their 2nd and 3rd academic years. The Co-op programme aims to provide an avenue for students to gain exposure to professional practices in an actual working environment as well as develop the necessary soft skills.
  • All of UCSI University’s engineering degree programmes comply with the latest requirements for accreditation by the Malaysian Engineering Accreditation Council, which fulfils the international requirements drafted in the Washington Accord.
  • The teaching and learning approaches vary according to the nature of course or topic being delivered. The programme employs a range of teaching methods to ensure the successful achievement of the learning outcomes of its programmes.
  • Graduates from the Petroleum Engineering course can conduct studies for the exploration, development and extraction of oil and gas deposits as well as; plan, design, develop and supervise projects for the drilling, testing, re-working and completion of oil and gas wells.






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