Master of Business Administration (MBA) – FTMS Global College


Award: Anglia Ruskin University, UK.
Duration: 1 year
fees: RM 30,000
intake: January and September


FTMS (Financial Training & Management Services), established in 1986, is today in Asia and Africa. Its robust and dynamic structure has helped develop and expand its strategic divisions of Education and Training, e-Learning, Management and Human Resource Consulting, Publishing, Corporate Outsourcing, e-Business and IT services.

FTMS international campuses, located in dynamic city centres, operate modern facilities to enhance students’ learning. Modern telecommunication facilities, including IT network, videoconferencing and Internet links, ensure that wherever and whenever a student chooses to study, the total support of FTMS is available.

FTMS’s focus on professional and entrepreneurial development ensures that its students pass their examinations and build strong foundations to succeed in their careers. This approach has resulted in producing students with distinctions at all levels.

FTMS has a strong participative culture amongst its academics, staff and students. FTMS’s research units ensure that a solid base of academic knowledge relevant to the ever-changing world underpins its programmes.

With over 25 years of excellence in providing the best in education and training worldwide, FTMS creates the learning space that not only enhances the students’ learning experience but also brings out the very best in them. Through the Career Advisory Services, Student Counsellors guide students about the programmes and career prospects.

 Why MBA in FTMS Global College?

  • The MBA programme has been developed to meet the needs of middle/senior managers and entrepreneurs in the running of businesses and to facilitate their progression to higher-level and more efficient roles within their organization
  • Students are able to analyse their potential outcomes and consequences and decide how to react when Managers need to be aware of issues.
  • Students will find themselves intellectually and analytically put to the test through assignments, projects and case studies. The learning objective is to help students improve their awareness of issues, analyse potential outcomes and consequences of their strategies or decisions.
  • A variety of assessment techniques will be used, as appropriate to individual modules. In some modules, assessment will consist entirely of assignments, which could include portfolios, individual or group presentations or essays. In other modules there may be a combination of assignment and end-of-module examination

Master of Business Administration - FTMS Global College

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