MA English Language and Literature – Nottingham University

Award: Nottingham University, UK 
Duration: 1 YEARS
fees: RM 42,060
intake: September


The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus opened its doors to students in 2000 and become the first ever British university campus branch established outside of the UK. One of its key highlights are the programmes offered which are identical to those offered at Nottingham UK. This garners the interest and attention of both local and international students especially those who are convinced by the high quality and recognition associated with a UK qualification. The campus currently houses more than 4,500 students from over 75 countries and is a brewing pot of multi-cultural diversity and experience.

Programmes at the Malaysia Campus are taught in English and students are awarded a degree from The University of Nottingham irrespective of whether the degree was pursued in Malaysia or UK. The degrees are accredited by international professional bodies such as the Association of MBAs, General Pharmaceutical Council, UK and the UK Engineering Council which testifies that programmes offered are tested for quality. In May 2010, the Malaysia Campus was awarded Self-Accreditation status by the Malaysian Accreditation Authority. It is a significant step forward in the development of the campus, and represents an acknowledgement from the government of Malaysia that the Nottingham University is delivering degrees of the highest quality.

The university offers a comprehensive choice of courses in the fields of business, engineering, international relations, psychology, pharmacy just to name a few. The university caters to students in varying levels from undergraduate to postgraduate and allows students the options of obtaining their PhDs. Nottingham University is a research led university and is renowned for its award winning research. The Malaysia campus is rapidly expanding its research base and activities of individual members of staff across all faculties.

Why MA English Language and Literature at Nottingham?

  • The course will develop your specialist knowledge of research methods and practices in the wider field of English to give you a strong methodological underpinning. This will be supplemented by specific applications of the study to increase your understanding of language use, and will enable you to make the transition from undergraduate study to the higher level required during your masters studies.
  • The MA English Language and Literature provides you with an opportunity for advanced study in contemporary Literary Studies and Applied Linguistics.
  • It will provide you with the theoretical and analytical training required to continue to a research degree at the doctoral level or to develop professional skills relevant to working within relevant fields, including but not limited to the teaching of English, editing, and professional writing.
  • The course will also develop your awareness of practices in language use and their application to various contexts. The course will focus on developing your ability to engage in critical evaluations of current research. It will also develop your ability to problem-solve in respect to real-world projects and case studies.



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