Duration: 6 months (Per Level)
fees: RM 6000 (Per Level)
Intake: February, April, June, August and October


  • The ICE (International Centre for English) Language Centre is a division of the London School of Commerce that has been established to support students who are faced with language barriers. The English language has become a bridge for knowledge that is important towards pursuing higher education and fundamental for personal and professional development. 
  • The English courses for academic purposes at ICE Language Centre are designed to prepare students specifically for an academic environment, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The course has been formulated to develop essential skills pertaining to comprehension academic writing skills (referencing, note-taking, research) as well as critical thinking methods. Within the scope of the Academic English course, the centre prepares students for IELTS. 
  • We have designed courses that have been segregated into categories that caters for specific English language objectives. ICE offers general English courses that are aimed to enhance the communication confidence levels of students who need to use English in everyday situations as well as English courses that are customised towards students being able to contend with higher academic standards. The courses are meant to improve the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills that are crucial for expanding vocabulary, refining grammar and improving pronunciation. The courses have been structured based on not only a flexible course content framework, but also flexible hours that suits a student’s specific needs pertaining to their personal schedules. The centre also organizes accommodation and sightseeing travel arrangements within Malaysia upon request.
  • Based on the fact that English has been established as the business language of the world, ICE offers a completely focused course on English that would develop the students’ business communication skills. Business English emphasizes on technical vocabulary and concepts that assist businessmen and women to contend with the current business environments. The course is founded on practical use of “English business language” that teaches skills essential for presentations, meetings, negotiations, job interviews, business calls, and other similar situations.
  • The centre offers high quality English language courses that are tailored based on a student’s proficiency level. Understand that a ‘one solution program for all levels of students” is not an effective method for language learning and as such our courses are designed based on the individual’s capacity. ICE programs are structured to equip students with language skills that are essential towards abilities pertaining to listening, reading, speaking and writing. 
  • Students who successfully complete programmes at ICE, Malaysia will be given first preference for admission to the London School of Commerce and its Group of Colleges.


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