Bachelor of Economics (Hons) – HELP University

Duration: 3 years
fees: RM 62,300
intake: January, March, May, August and October

Why HELP University?

  • Since 1986 HELP have grown steadily and sturdily. HELP have sustained student number and ensured a robust financial position. They have distinguished their selves by excelling as a thought leader, an incubator of outstanding graduates, a model of selective excellence, and as a community-caring institution.
  • All these years our educational goals have been to prepare students for their first job graduate school, to prepare students for their subsequent career and to prepare students for a fulfilling and productive life. The drives of HELP vision are values which are based on “Pride of Achievement, Sharing Success, The Courage to Be, To Be compassionate, and to be Significant”.
  • Recognized by Forbes as one of the 200 Best Performing companies in Asia Pacific with capitalization below USD1 billion (2011), Ranked 43rd in the KPMG Shareholder Value Award Program 2010
  • Included in Transparency Index for Corporate Governance (Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group) – the only educational institution to be included

Why Bachelor of Economics (Hons) at HELP University

  • The programme offers a systematic exposure to tools with which to understand business, markets, government policies and international issues, analyses financial markets, banking operations but more importantly to understand how to allocate resources and make appropriate decision.
  • Upon completion of the programme, graduates will have an understanding of fundamental issues, debates and problems related to the operations of financial systems at both the micro and macro levels, in the context of national and global economies. They will be ready to become analysts, advisors, and economists in the public and private sectors





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