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How easy is it to have Malaysia Visa for students?

Malaysia is home to a good number of international students. Today, the country boasts of being the 11th highest holder of the largest proportion of international students in the world. This means that the country is 11th on the list of the countries with the highest number of students who require a Malaysia visa to study in the country. If you are an international student travelling to Malaysia for purposes of pursuing a university qualification, you need to have a student visa. It is utterly pertinent that you acquire a valid student Malaysia visa as early as possible prior to the onset of your studies. Here is a complete guidance for students wishing to acquire a student Malaysia visa prior to studying at a university in Malaysia.

First of all, it is important to understand that all students from foreign countries need to have a student pass as well as a student Malaysia visa to be able to study in Malaysia. According to the Malaysian law only public or private institutions that are under the ministry of higher education or the ministry of home affairs are at liberty to enroll students from foreign countries. Therefore, you cannot apply to a university which is not under the jurisdiction of one of the two ministries.

Having understood the above, you need to apply for a student pass before you can enter Malaysia for purposes of studying at one of the universities within the country. In other words, you cannot be granted a student Malaysia visa if you do not have a student pass. Therefore, you have to apply for a student pass prior to applying for a student visa. No foreign student will be granted a student pass prior to entering the country. You will only be given an approved student pass upon entry into Malaysia. Both a student pass and a student Malaysia visa are required for you study in Malaysia.

The entire process of acquiring a student Malaysia visa and a student pass in Malaysia is quite simple and straight forward. Once your institution has accepted you, they will apply for your student pass on your behalf. However, you will be asked to submit the relevant documents and pay the required fees before this can happen. If your application for a pass has been approved, your institution will send you a letter of approval prior to your departure from your home country. Once you have a letter of approval for a student pass, you can get a Malaysia visa and be allowed to enter Malaysia as a student.