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8 things that students know before they start studying in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the top choices among student for opting higher education, because of its premium quality of education and oodles of top approved institutions. But, many students studying in Malaysia suffers from culture shock due to drastic change in culture and belief compare to their home country. So, to avoid such culture shock, it is very important to know 8 points before going to Malaysia.

  • Language:

After reaching Malaysia, you can find people speaking their native language. So make sure that you learn few important words of their native language, so you don’t find difficulty in reaching from airport to your destination.

  • Clothes to take:

While studying in Malaysia, you can experience varying climatic condition. So check its weather conditions for whole year and take clothes accordingly. Also check out, the types of clothes allowed in your college and in Malaysian culture.

  • Documents:

To avoid any chance of failure from studying in Malaysia, make sure that you carry all required documents like passport with at least six month validity, HEI approved admission letter, all financial proofs, one ID proof, etc. All this can help you to get visa and student pass with great ease.

  • Working culture:

For successfully studying in Malaysia, it is very important to understand their working culture. Check out the system of addressing your heads, colleagues, etc. any hand and face gestures for yes or no, what is the working hours to meet any official person, etc.

  • Accommodation:

It is one of the important factors, which can protect you from culture shock, while studying in Malaysia.  Make sure, that you get your accommodation near to your college, so that transportation becomes easy. Moreover, also try to get roommates from same college and of your culture, so that you get company and time to adapt to new culture.

  • Cost of living:

Try to find out approximate cost of living in the area of your accommodation. So, you can know how much money to carry initially and where you can cut down your cost while studying in Malaysia.

  • Financial:

Check out the currency of Malaysia and also see if you can use your debit card internationally. So, while studying in Malaysia, you can withdraw money as per your requirement.

  • Medical:

Keep the list of hospitals near your area before you leave your home country. Also check whether the university has included medical insurance in their fee structure or not.

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