Benefits of Internship for Employers

Managing the workflow effectively and finding new team members is a matter of great concern among the managers of any organisation. In fact, finding new talent itself needs a lot of hard work, talent as well as experience in a particular field.

To overcome the problem of finding new team members with real talent and efficiency, setting up an internship Program is the best idea; as it will build a pipeline of talented and young professionals. In addition to this, interns provide additional support and increase an organisation’s workforce. Internships also allow experienced professionals the ability to share their skills and cultivate the next generation of leaders in their field.

In fact, the recruitment market is so competitive, more than 50% of employers are now focusing on relevant internship experience to find best fit for their companies.

The Benefits of Internships for employers are listed below:

  • Find future employees: For many companies, the process of hiring and recruiting is a drain on the resources and time. An internship programs is a year round recruitment tool; implementing which the organisations have an ongoing pipeline of future employees. Instead of going for campus recruitment; which is much expensive, the managers have the privilege to welcome students as interns and choose the best talents from them to hire. (In one year, Hewlett Packard recruited 70% of its new hires from its pool of interns.)
  • Test-drive the talent: It’s a reality: a new employee makes a solid good impression in the interview and by his/her CV. However, many employees cannot adapt themselves with the working environment of the company. Therefore, hiring from internship is the most effective way to evaluate their potential as a fulltime employee.
  • Increase productivity: Interns help the industry with short-term additional manpower support. This extra sets of hands benefit the current employees to be more productive and prevents them from becoming overburdened by extra side-projects; enabling them to be more focused on creative tasks or those where higher level, strategic thinking or expertise is required.
  • Increase employee-retention rate: Recent survey done by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) on Experimental Education Survey shows, almost 40% of employers reported a higher five year retention rate among the employees recruited through their internship programs.
  • Enhance perspective: It is not just the extra hands that benefit the organisations who have implemented the recruitment programs but the young talents bring with them fresh ideas, novel perspectives, specialised strength and skill which adds greater values to organisations.
  • Take advantage of low-cost labour: The salaries of interns are significantly lower than the staff employees, and the organisations are not obligated to pay them unemployment or a severance package to the students until and unless they hire them fulltime. Moreover, while the wage requirements are modest, interns are among the highly motivated members of the workforce.

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